Giorgio Cenere, designer and founder of the brand Brunocenere, after more than  20 years of experience as a leather dealer in Tuscany, in 2006 created his own company, the Rising Pelletterie.

At the start, his work focused on production for major Italian brands, but soon his passion for leather, his search for quality, his desire to express himself and create his own line, brought Giorgio to aim higher: the creation of his own brand Brunocenere. Thus was born a profesional project and a life plan, recalling the old traditions of Giorgio’s grandmother, Mimma Grandi, who was the founder in the 1950’s of one of the first and most important laboratories of fashion jewelry  in Turin. In this path of ever-increasing expansion, Giorgio together with his wife Mariacristina,  in November 2016 opened  the first single brand  boutique Brunocenere in Alassio, where the soul of this meeting point between customers and the artist’s craftmanship  is the concept of tailored leather goods, a “living room” where unique products are customised on request.

The Brunocenere line contains within it a large number and variety of items: handbags, clutches, bucket bags, ruckacks, briefcases, belts, key chains, wallets, leashes, a wealth of leather accessories that reflect an artisan’s soul with an edge, where the search for quality materials and different skins such as leather, crocodile, ostrich, hand-painted skins, lasered skins and much  more, all express a unique and customised style which only a true Made In Italy brand knows how to portray.